The Spell of the Circus
Directed by Robert F. Hill
Produced by Henry MacRae
Written by Jay McCloskey
Starring Ralph Bushman
Alberta Vaughn
Tom London
Music by Sam Perry
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 23 October 1931
Running time 12 chapters (240 min)
Country US flag 49 stars.svg.png [[|]]
Language English

The Spell of the Circus (1931) is a Universal movie serial. This is considered to be a lost film.


Butte Morgan plans to take over the circus my marrying Maria Wallace. She, however, is interested only in the trick rider Jack Grant.


Chapter titlesEdit

  1. A Menacing Monster
  2. The Phantom Shadow
  3. Racing with Death
  4. A Scream of Terror
  5. A Leap for Life
  6. A Fatal Wedding
  7. A Villain Unmasked
  8. The Baited Trap
  9. The Terror Tent
  10. The Call of the Circus


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