The Royal Mounted Rides Again
The Royal Mounted Rides Again VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Lewis D. Collins
Ray Taylor
Produced by Morgan Cox
Written by Joseph O'Donnell
Tom Gibson
Harold Channing Wire
Starring George Dolenz
Bill Kennedy
Daun Kennedy
Paul E. Burns
Milburn Stone
Robert Armstrong
Cinematography Jerome Ash
Charles Van Enger
Editing by Norman A. Cerf (supervisor)
Irving Birnbaum
Jack Dolan
Alvin Todd
Edgar Zane
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 23 October 1945
Running time 13 chapters (221 min)
Country United States
Language English

The Royal Mounted Rides Again (1945) was a Universal film serial. Adventure serials of this type were popular in the early days of cinema. The serial, often called cliffhangers, would show one episode per week, with an ending that would hide the outcome of an exciting event, sometimes ending with "tune in next week for the exciting continuing saga..", or something along those lines. Actor and popular singing cowboy of the day, Addison Randall, died during the making of this serial.


Mine owner Jackson Decker orders his manager to obtain miner Tom Bailey's milling machinery, no matter what the cost. When Bailey is found murdered, suspicion naturally falls on Jackson and his manager. Jackson's son, a Canadian Mountie, is directed to seek out the murderer, or murderers, and bring them to justice.

The Mountie joins forces with a French-Canadian policeman, Bailey's beautiful daughter, and a phony palm reader to learn the truth. The foursome soon discover that there is a secret gold mine, a double crossing casino owner, and a forger at the bottom of the crime.


Critical receptionEdit

Cline claims that The Royal Mounted Rides Again is "pretty close to being the weakest chapter film [Universal] ever made." An excellent cast was wasted and the story "wandered aimlessly [with] almost no suspense."[1]

Chapter titlesEdit

  1. Canaska [sic] Gold
  2. The Avalanche Trap
  3. River on Fire
  4. Skyline Target
  5. Murder Toboggan
  6. Ore Car Accident
  7. Buckboard Runaway
  8. Thundering Water
  9. Dead Men for Decoys
  10. Derringer Death
  11. Night Trail Danger
  12. Twenty Dollar Double Cross
  13. Flaming Showdown


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