The Night Strangler (film)
The Night Strangler
Jo Ann Pflug and Darren McGavin in The Night Strangler
Format Thriller / Horror
Written by Richard Matheson
Directed by Dan Curtis
Starring Darren McGavin
Simon Oakland
Jo Ann Pflug
Richard Anderson
Country of origin USA
Producer(s) Dan Curtis
Cinematography Robert B. Hauser
Running time 74 minutes (TV Premiere), 90 minutes (Dvd version)
Original channel ABC
Original airing January 16, 1973
Preceded by The Night Stalker
Followed by Kolchak: The Night Stalker

The Night Strangler is a made for television movie which first aired on ABC on January 16, 1973 as a sequel to The Night Stalker.


Reporter Carl Kolchak, now in Seattle, Washington (having been run out of Las Vegas at the end of the last film) is assigned to the story of a series of killings, in which the victims, all exotic dancers, are strangled, their necks crushed, then drained of a few ounces of blood. He discovers that there was a similar rash of killings twenty-one years prior. Then he learns of another twenty-one years before that. It turns out that they have been occurring every twenty-one years for about a century.

It seems the killer needs the blood for a kind of elixir of life which keeps him alive for twenty-one years at a time. Of course no one believes Kolchak, and the powers that be want to silence him.

Kolchak enters into a race against time to stop the killer before he is able to complete the creation of his elixir and disappear for another twenty-one years.



The film was released on a double feature DVD with The Night Stalker by MGM Home Entertainment in 2004. It is currently out of print.

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