The changing face of Kharis: Lon Chaney's mask-like countenance in The Mummy's Ghost is considerably less gruesome than his previous appearance in The Mummy's Tomb and endures as the most familiar image of the character.

Kharis the name of the mummy featured in the four film produced by Universal Studios in the 1940s following their original 1932 film The Mummy, which starred Boris Karloff different mummy character, Im-ho-tep. Inspired by worldwide interest in Egyptian archeology of the era, the Mummy major Universal monster of the 1920s 30s and 40s whose origin fearsome credited to the film in which appears; the Phantom of the Opera, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Invisible Man all originated in literature, and the Wolf Man derived werewolf myths. In the first Kharis The Mummy Hand 1940 the character played by Western Tom Tyler, while the three subsequent The Mummy Tomb 1942, The Mummy Ghost 1944, and The Mummy Curse 1944, starred Lon Chaney, Jr. in the role. Although the iconic image of the mummy face is usually Karloff', the Kharis responsible for the enduring stereotype of the lumbering, foot-dragging monster, Karloff bandaged creation is seen briefly while Kharis major on-screen character in four follow-up The Kharis movies introduce the notion of tana leaves integral to the mummy survival. The Mummy Hand introduces Kharis in series of flashbacks the original 1932 except for inserts Tyler replacing shots in which Karloff would conspicuous. The original ancient-Egypt scenes the story of Imhotep punished for attempting to resurrect dead lover while in the Kharis the identities and details of this story simply changed to describe similar alternate scenario. For reason the Kharis not sequels to the original, occasionally misperceived, relate narratively to for Kharis designed by Universal resident monster Jack Pierce. While Tyler features discerned easilt the could Karloff Chaney unrecognizable due in part to the increased use of mask rather than customized over the course of the While in The Wolf Man Chaney played the starring role both in and out of makeup Tyler shown the human Kharis in Chaney mummy during flashback scenes demoralizing budgetary measure showed Chaney importance to mainly that of his famous name. While the Kharis lack the artistic distinction of the 1930s Universal horror classics remain popular among genre fans. An aspect of the Kharis the years pass between narratively would the final one in the late 20th century, though no attempt made to the depiction of clothing, hairstyles, or technology. Christopher Lee portrayed Kharis in the 1959 Hammer horror The Mummy. Remake in the remake made in the late 1990s the mummy Imhotep and portrayed by Arnold Vosloo the high priest of Pharoh Seti I betrayed his pharoh out of love for the Pharoh's mistress Anck-su-namun, subsequently undergoing an ancient curse punishment for his attempt to resurrect she slays the pharoh. Due to the curse Imhotep condemned to remain alive devoured by sacred scarebs for eternity awakened would command the sands and Ten Plagues of Egypt, virtually immortal. unintentionally awakened in the 1920s, Imhotep seeks to Evelyn Carnahan the sacrifice which resurrect Anck-su-namun opposed by soldier Rick O'Connell manages to keep Imhotep occupied Evelyn finds spell allows to rescind Imhotep immortality and powers by sending his soul to the underworld In the sequel, The Mummy Returns, Imhotep is resurrected by an ancient brotherhood to pit against the Scorpion King thus granting command of the army of Anubis which conquer the world. Aided by the reincarnation of Anck-su-namun- soul eventually fully restored to the body Imhotep his way to the Scorpion King temple his powers are taken by Anubis wishes to fight the King mortal and Rick clash against each and King Rick defeats the King by stabbing the Spear of Osiris powerful mystical weapon, simultaneously opening portal to which and Imhotep suspended above. Although Evelyn risks to save Rick, Anck-su-namun flees rather than try to help Imhotep causing the former priest to hurl into hell in despair.

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