The Last Warning
The Last Warning poster.jpg
Directed by Paul Leni
Produced by Carl Laemmle
Written by Play Author:
Thomas F. Fallon
Story Author:</br>Wadsworth Camp
Alfred A. Cohn
J.G. Hawks
Robert F. Hill
Tom Reed
Starring Laura La Plante
Montagu Love
Margaret Livingston
John Boles
Music by Joseph Cherniavsky
Cinematography Hal Mohr
Editing by Robert Carlisle
Release date(s) USA January 6, 1929
Universal Pictures
Country USA
Language English

The Last Warning (1929) is a mystery film directed by Paul Leni. It is a companion piece to Universal Pictures 1927 production of The Cat and the Canary. This was the last film directed by Leni before his death from blood poisoning in Los Angeles on September 2, 1929.

The Last Warning was re-made in 1939 by Joe May under the title The House of Fear.[1]


Five years after a theater was closed following a murder of one of its actors during a performance, a producer decides to solve the mystery by again staging the play with the remaining cast. During the repeat performance another murder occurs. Eventually it is discovered that the murders were part a ploy devised by the stage manager to sabotage the production.


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