The Jade Box
Directed by Ray Taylor
Produced by Henry MacRae
Written by Frederick J. Jackson
Starring Jack Perrin
Louise Lorraine
Francis Ford
Music by Sam Perry
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 25 February 1930
Running time 10 chapters (220 min)
Country US flag 49 stars.svg.png [[|]]
Language English

The Jade Box (1930) is a Universal movie serial. It was a partially sound film with large silent elements. Only an incomplete version survives today.


John Lamar buys a Jade Box in Asia but it is stolen by his friend Martin Morgan. A cult, searching for the box because it contains the secret to invisibility, catches up with and abducts Lamar. After discovering the theft, the cult send a message to Martin and the pair's children: John Lamar's son, Jack, who is engaged to Martin Morgan's daughter, Helen. Jack searches for the Box while Martin attempts to discover the secret of invisibility for his own schemes.


Critical receptionEdit

Cline states that, while The Jade Box is not of a high technical quality, it did show at the time that a mystery serial could be improved by the addition of music and sound effects.[1]

Chapter titlesEdit

  1. The Jade of Jeopardy
  2. Buried Alive
  3. The Shadow Man
  4. The Fatal Prophecy
  5. The Unseen Death
  6. The Haunting Shadow
  7. The Guilty Man
  8. The Grip of Death
  9. Out of the Shadows
  10. The Atonement



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