The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Clifford Smith (as Cliff Smith)
Lew Landers (uncredited)
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 1936
Running time 12 chapters (219 min)
Country US flag 49 stars.svg.png [[|]]
Language English

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (1936) is a Universal movie serial based on the Frank Merriwell books by Gilbert Patten.


The Adventures of Frank Merriwell is set in 1936 instead of the 1890s of the source material.[1]

Universal combined several stories by Burt Standish to make this film.[2]

Chapter titlesEdit

  1. College Hero
  2. The Death Plunge
  3. Death at the Crossroads
  4. Wreck of the Viking
  5. Capsized in the Cataract
  6. Descending Doom
  7. Monster of the Deep
  8. The Tragic Victory
  9. Between Savage Foes
  10. Imprisoned in a Dungeon
  11. The Crash in the Chasm
  12. The Winning Play


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