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Sword of Sherwood Forest is a 1960 British adventure film directed by Terence Fisher for Hammer Film Productions. Richard Greene reprises the role of Robin Hood, which he played in The Adventures of Robin Hood on TV from 1955 to 1960.

It also stars Sarah Branch as Maid Marian, Peter Cushing as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Jack Gwillim as Archbishop Hubert Walter, Richard Pasco as Edward, Earl of Newark, and Nigel Green as Little John. The supporting cast also includes Derren Nesbitt, Desmond Llewellyn (later "Q" in the James Bond films) and Oliver Reed. Its music was composed by Alun Hoddinott.

While most Hammer films of that period were filmed at the company's permanent home at Bray Studios, Sword of Sherwood Forest was made at Ardmore Studios in County Wicklow, Ireland.

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