Sky Raiders
Directed by Ford Beebe
Ray Taylor
Produced by Henry MacRae
Written by Eliot Gibbons
Clarence Upson Young
Paul Huston
Starring Donald Woods
Billy Halop
Robert Armstrong
Eduardo Ciannelli
Kathryn Adams
Music by Charles Previn
Cinematography Jerome Ash
William A. Sickner
Editing by Saul A. Goodkind (supervisor)
Joseph Gluck
Louis Sackin
Alvin Todd
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 8 April 1941
Running time 12 chapters (227 min)
Country 25px United States
Language English

Sky Raiders (1941) is a Universal film serial.


Captain Dayton, owner of Sky Raiders, Inc., has invented a new fighter plane and bomb sight. Nazi agent Felix Lynx attempts to steal these inventions for his own country. Dayton recruits young Tim Bryant, a member of Air Youth of America, to help him.




Chapter titlesEdit

  1. Wings of Disaster!
  2. Death Rides the Storm
  3. The Toll of Treachery
  4. Battle in the Clouds
  5. The Fatal Blast
  6. Stark Terror!
  7. Flaming Doom
  8. The Plunge of Peril
  9. Torturing Trials
  10. Flash of Fate
  11. Terror of the Storm
  12. Winning Warriors!


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