Ricou Browning
Born February 17, 1930 (1930-02-17) (age 87)
Fort Pierce. Florida
Years active 1954-1996
Children Ricou Browning Jr.

Ricou Browning (Born October 17, 1930) is a retired producer, actor, stuntman, underwater cinematographer and film director. He was a major in physical education at Florida University.He is known for portraying the Gill-man in his underwater scenes in all three movies that he appears in, and is currently the only living man to have originally portrayed a Universal monster.


Early LifeEdit

Browning was born in Fort Pierce and was raised in the town of Jensen, Florida. His career in swimming began at a young age, which was springboard diving at water shows. After his roles as the Gill-man, he began working on the Flipper movies and television shows.

Gill ManEdit

Browning was chosen to play as the Gill-man because of a session of swimming in a cave. Jack Arnold supposedly saw footage of this and offered Browning a large amount of money to play as the Gill-Man, to which Browning accepted.


County's Ricou Browning Played the Creature

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