Monster Bash

Manufacturer Williams
Release date July 1998
System Williams WPC-95
Design Designer: George Gomez
Programmer: Lyman F. Sheats, Jr.
Artwork: Kevin O'Connor
Mechanics: Chris Shipman, Robert C. Friesl
Music and Sounds: Vince Pontarelli
Production Run 3,361 units

Monster Bash is a pinball machine produced by Williams. The game features some Universal Monsters including The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy. The goal of Monster Bash is to collect the instruments of the monsters and present the world this scary band.

Digital versionsEdit

Monster Bash is available for purchase as licensed table of The Pinball Arcade for Xbox 360, iOS, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Mac OS X and in future for Nintendo 3DS, Windows and Wii U.

Unlicensed recreations of the game are also available for Visual Pinball that runs on Windows

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