Marry Me!
Marry Me film 1949.jpg
Original British cinema poster
Directed by Terence Fisher
Produced by Betty Box
Written by Lewis Gilbert
Denis Waldock
Starring Derek Bond
Susan Shaw
Music by Clifton Parker
Cinematography Ray Elton
Editing by Gordon Pilkington
Studio Gainsborough Pictures
Distributed by General Film Distributors (UK)
Release date(s) 1949
Running time 97 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Marry Me! (alternative title: I Want to Get Married[1]) is a 1949 British comedy film film directed by Terence Fisher, and starring Derek Bond, Susan Shaw and David Tomlinson.[2]


David Haig (David Tomlinson) is a newspaper journalist who is instructed by his editor to go undercover at a popular matchmaking service in order to get the scoop on whether they are true cupids or not. The film covers several aspiring relationships of various couples. A French woman running from her abusive boyfriend and seeking citizenship, a butler, his master and a schoolteacher, an attraction girl in a restaurant who falls for a priest and various others; as well as the central plot revolving around Haig's disastrous encounters with various poor matchups and his lovematch one young waitress.

The film has elements of dark drama and self pity leading to lost love, but it is primarily a romantic comedy.

Most of the gentle romances are successful, although sometimes it takes a little 'slapstick' confusion to achieve.

In the end the only relationship that fails is the priest and the allure girl as she believes herself unworthy of his love and rejects him.



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