Lure of the Circus
Directed by J. P. McGowan
Written by Hope Loring
William E. Wing
Starring Eddie Polo
Eileen Sedgwick
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date(s) 18 November 1918
Running time 18 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

Lure of the Circus is a 1918 American adventure film serial directed by J. P. McGowan.[1]


Chapter TitlesEdit

  1. The Big Tent
  2. The Giant's Leap
  3. Beaten Back
  4. The Message On The Cuff
  5. The Lip Reader
  6. The Aerial Disaster
  7. The Charge of The Elephant
  8. The Human Ladder
  9. The Flying Loop
  10. A Shot For Life
  11. The Dagger
  12. A Strange Escape
  13. A Plunge For Life
  14. Flames
  15. The Stolen Record
  16. The Knockout
  17. A Race With Time
  18. The Last Trick

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