Lost City of the Jungle
Lost City of the Jungle FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Lewis D. Collins
Ray Taylor
Produced by Morgan Cox
Joseph O'Donnell
Written by Joseph F. Poland
Paul Huston
Tom Gibson
Starring Russell Hayden
Jane Adams
Lionel Atwill
Keye Luke
Cinematography Gus Peterson
Editing by Irving Birnbaum
Jack Dolan
Joseph Gluck
D. Pat Kelley
Alvin Todd
Edgar Zane
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 23 April 1946
Running time 13 chapters (265 min)
Country United States
Language English

Lost City of the Jungle (1946) is a Universal movie serial.



Lionel Atwill died of cancer and pneumonia while filming this serial. Atwill was playing the mastermind villain, Sir Eric Hazarias, a foreign spy chief. Universal could not afford to throw out the footage already filmed so they were forced to adapt the serial. First, another villain (Malborn, played by John Mylong, who was originally just a servant of Sir Eric) was introduced as the boss of Atwill's character to take over most of the villain requirements of the film. Secondly, a double of Atwill was used to complete his remaining scenes. The double was filmed from behind and remained silent. The villain's henchmen were filmed repeating their orders back to the silent double and stock footage of Atwill was edited in to show a response.[1]

Lost City of the Jungle was Universal's last Jungle serial.[2]

Chapter titlesEdit

  1. Himalaya Horror
  2. The Death Flood
  3. Wave Length for Doom
  4. The Pit of Pendrang
  5. Fiery Danger
  6. Death's Shining Face
  7. Speedboat Missing
  8. Fire Jet Torture
  9. Zalabor Death Watch
  10. Booby Trap Rendezvous
  11. Pendrang Guillotine
  12. Jungle Smash-up
  13. Atomic Vengeance


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