Los Monstruos del terror
Los monstruos del terror.jpg
Directed by Hugo Fregonese,
Eberhard Meichsner,
Tulio Demicheli
Produced by Jaime Prades
Written by Jacinto Molina
Starring Paul Naschy,
Michael Rennie,
Karin Dor
Music by Rafael Fitó,
Franco Salina
Cinematography Godofredo Pacheco
Editing by Emilio Rodríguez
Distributed by American International Pictures (USA, theatrical),
Castilla Films (Spain)
Release date(s) 1969 (1969)
Running time 85 min (Spain)
Country Spain
West Germany
Language Spanish

Los Monstruos del Terror (The Monsters of Terror), also known as Dracula vs. Frankenstein and Assignment Terror, is a 1969 Spanish/German/Italian horror film that is the third in a series featuring the werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky, played by Paul Naschy.


Aliens who run a traveling circus revive a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy and Frankenstein's monster and plan to use them to take over the world. They intend to isolate the factor that makes these monsters so frightening to Earthlings and then create an army of such monsters. The werewolf they revive (Waldemar Daninsky, of course) saves the world by destroying the other monsters in hand-to-hand combat and ultimately blowing up the aliens' underground base.


Lead actor Naschy also wrote the screenplay. The original shooting title was The Man Who Came from Ummo (El Hombre que Vino de Ummo). Direction was split between two people, Tulio Demichelli and Hugo Fregonese. Filming was interrupted because of financial difficulties and also resulted in the script not being filmed as it was written. Whole segments of the script involving flying saucers and a Golem were never filmed as a result of the extreme special effects deficiencies.

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