Year Title Role Notes
1935 Way Up Thar Jennie Kirk
1935 Millions in the Air Singer
1936 Bunker Bean Mabel, Bunker's Secretary Uncredited
1937 The Holy Terror Lili
1937 On the Avenue Miss Katz — Dibble's Secretary
1937 Time Out for Romance Midge Dooley
1937 The Great Hospital Mystery Flossie Duff Alternative title: Dead Yesterday
1937 Angel's Holiday Strivers
1937 Sing and Be Happy Myrtle
1937 You Can't Have Everything
1937 Wake Up and Live Spanish Dancer
1937 Thin Ice Orchestra Leader Alternative titles: Lovely to Look at
Der Komet
1937 Life Begins in College Inez Alternative titles: Life Begins at College
The Joy Parade
1937 Love and Hisses Joan
1938 Sally, Irene and Mary Irene Keene
1938 Josette May Morris
1938 My Lucky Star Mary Dwight
1938 Hold That Co-ed Lizzie Olsen Alternative title: Hold That Girl
1938 Just Around the Corner Kitty
1939 Tail Spin Babe Dugan
1939 Skinny the Moocher The Maid Uncredited
1939 Too Busy to Work Lolly
1939 Day-Time Wife Joyce Applegate
1940 Free, Blonde and 21 Nellie
1940 Sailor's Lady Myrtle
1940 Manhattan Heartbeat Edna Higgins
1941 For Beauty's Sake Dottie Nickerson
1941 Hold That Ghost Camille Brewster Alternative title: Oh, Charlie
1941 Sun Valley Serenade Miss Carstairs
1941 Two Latins from Manhattan Joan Daley
1942 Yokel Boy Molly Malone Alternative title: Hitting the Headlines
1942 Sweetheart of the Fleet Phoebe Weyms
1943 He's My Guy Madge Donovan
1943 Two Señoritas from Chicago Daisy Baker
1943 Around the World Joan Davis
1944 Beautiful But Broke Dottie Duncan
1944 Show Business Joan Mason
1944 Kansas City Kitty Polly Jasper
1945 She Gets Her Man Jane "Pilky" Pilkington
1945 George White's Scandals of 1945 Joan Mason
1946 She Wrote the Book Jane Featherstone
1948 If you Knew Susie Susie Parker
1950 The Traveling Saleswoman Mabel King Producer
1950 Love That Brute Mamie Sage
1951 The Groom Wore Spurs Alice Dean
1952 Harem Girl Susie Perkins
1952 to 1955 I Married Joan Joan Stevens 99 episodes

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