House of Frankenstein 1997 (also called simply House of Frankenstein in some advertisements) is a television mini-series that revives Universal's classic threesome, the vampire (in the original, Dracula), Frankenstein's monster and the werewolf (in the original, Lawrence Talbot aka the Wolf Man). This reinterpretation is set in late 1990s Los Angeles, with the action revolving around a nightclub named House of Frankenstein that is full of vampires. It first aired on October 28, 1997 on NBC, which also produced it.

Characters Edit

  • Crispian Grimes (Greg Wise) a Dracula-like vampire who is known to the police as a serial killer nicknamed "The Midnight Raptor". He is the millionaire owner of the nightclub House of Frankenstein, which is secretly a haven for vampires.
  • Frankenstein's monster (Peter Crombie) is based on the novel more than previous movie incarnations of this character. He is discovered frozen in a block of ice and planned as an exhibit for House of Frankenstein, then escapes.
  • The Wolf Man is unlike the Universal character in that he is evil when he is in human form. This specific werewolf is a servant of vampire Crispian Grimes, and transforms into an actual wolf. He has little screen time, being killed off early on in the story.
  • Vernon Coyle (Adrian Pasdar) is a police detective trying to solve the case of "The Midnight Raptor."
  • Grace Dawkins (Teri Polo) is a newly bitten werewolf who is also the love interest of detective Vernon Coyle and the heart's desire of Crispian Grimes. She has much more screen time than the Wolf Man does.

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