Picture Name Child of Appearances
Baron frankenstein
Baron ? Frankenstein

1740s-past 1818

Baron (Dr) Henry Frankenstein

1789-past 1820

Baron ? Frankenstein Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

Wolf Frank
Baron (Dr) Wolf von Frankenstein

1820 (?) - past 1860

Baron Henry Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein

Ghost of Frankenstein (mentioned)

Son of Frankenstein 22
(Possibly Baron) Peter Frankenstein

1855 - past 1860

Baron Wolf frankenstein Son of Frankenstein
Frankenstein ludwig
Dr. Lugwig Frankenstein

1830 (?) - 1900

Baron Henry Frankenstein Ghost of Frankenstein

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (mentioned)

Elsa von
Baroness Elsa von Frankenstein

1870 (?) - past 1940

Ludwig Frankenstein Ghost of Frankestein

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

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