Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
Original Poster Art
Directed by Dick Randall
Produced by G. Robert Straub (executive producer)
Oscar Brazzi (producer)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Dick Randall (producer)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Written by Mario Francini
William Rose
Mark Smith
Roberto Spano
Starring Rossano Brazzi
Michael Dunn
Edmund Purdom
Gordon Mitchell
Music by Marcello Gigante
Cinematography Mario Mancini
Editing by Enzo Micarelli
Release date(s) 19 February 1974
Running time 89 minutes
90 minutes (Canada)
Country Flag of Italy.svg.png Italy
Language Italian

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (originally Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette) is a 1974 Italian horror film directed by Dick Randall that is Loosely based on the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein.[1]

The film is also known as Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (American video title), Frankenstein's Castle (British video title), Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (American dubbed version), Monsters of Frankenstein, Terror, Terror Castle, The House of Freaks and The Monsters of Dr. Frankenstein.

Plot summary Edit

A neanderthal man is lynched by villagers and a Count Frankenstein brings the monster back to life. Trying to avoid detection from the authorities and the locals, his creation escapes and wreaks havoc.[1]

Cast Edit

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Critical responseEdit

Considered by most to be one of the worst Frankenstein films ever made. The movie garnered a new cult audience when it aired on the horror movie series Elvira's Movie Macabre in 1984.


Magnum video released the film on VHS in the 1980s with the title Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks.

Something weird video released the film on DVD. The film would also be released on DVD from Shout! Factory as part of their Elvira Movie Macabre line. The film can be viewed by itself or with the original Elvira intermissions. Unlike the original broadcast though the film is uncensored.[1]

In January 2009, Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks was also presented with additional audio commentary by Cinematic Titanic.


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