Dracula's Death — or Drakula halála, sometimes translated as The Death of Drakula — is a 1921 Hungarian horror movie, currently believed to be a lost film, that was written and directed by Károly Lajthay.[1] The film is notable because it marks the first screen appearance of the vampire Count Dracula, though recent scholarly research indicates that the film's plot does not actually follow the narrative of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.[2] After originally opening in Vienna in 1921 and enjoying a long and successful European run, the film was later re-edited and re-released in Budapest in 1923.[3] This second theatrical run, coupled with the fact that scholars are only now uncovering reliable information about the film, may explain why the Internet Movie Database erroneously lists the film's original release date as April 1923.

The film is about a woman who experiences frightening visions after visiting an insane asylum where one of the inmates claims to be Count Dracula (here following the Hungarian spelling Drakula), and she has trouble determining if the visions were real or merely nightmares.

Drakula halála-1

The most well-known shot of the film.


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