Dark Intruder
Dark Intruder.jpg
Theatrical poster to Dark Intruder
Directed by Harvey Hart
Produced by Jack Laird
Written by Barré Lyndon
Starring Leslie Nielsen
Gilbert Green
Charles Bolender
Mark Richman
Judi Meredith
Music by Lalo Schifrin
Cinematography John F. Warren
Editing by Edward W. Williams
Release date(s) 1965
Running time 59 min.
Country USA

Dark Intruder is a 1965 television movie that was released theatrically. It is a horror film starring Leslie Nielsen, Mark Richman and Judi Meredith set in San Francisco in 1890 concerning playboy sleuth Brett Kingsford (Nielsen). Kingsford is an expert on the supernatural and along with his dwarf assistant Nicola he helps the police uncover the scheme of a Sumerian demon to return to earth and take over a human body.

This atmospheric black-and-white film is only 59 minutes long and was directed by Harvey Hart. It was the pilot for a failed television series called The Black Cloak and was written by Barré Lyndon. In plot and character it greatly resembles Chamber of Horrors, which was made the next year and had a similar fate.

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