Count Alucard
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Dracula's family.

Behind the scenes
Count Alucard was the son of Count Dracula.
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Background. Edit

Alucard is the first son of Count Dracula, King of the Vampires, and is "Prince of Vampires", later revealed to be Dracula himself. At the beginning of the film, Alucard is an old man who is invited to the US, where he meets Katherine Caldwell, a woman who secretly dates and marries him. However, when her jealous boyfriend, Frank Stanley, attempts to kill Alucard, the bullets pass through him and hit Katherine. News of the incident reach Professor Lazlo, who suspects that this may be a case of vampirism. Meanwhile, Alucard turns Katherine into a vampire. When confronted, Katherine says that she still loves Frank but wanted immortality, and tells him how to destroy Alucard. Frank sets Alucard's coffin on fire, killing him.

Since Son of Dracula, the character has not appeared in a Universal film.

His name "Alucard" is "Dracula" in backwards.

Powers, abilities and weaknesses. Edit

Almost the same dark vampiric powers as his father, but more weak than Dracula.

He has superhuman strenght, vampiric physiology, can transforms into mist, wolf or bat and possibly dark magic.

He is vulnerable to fire, the sun, and styx in heart.

Trivia. Edit

  • Alucard appears in Castlevania series, he is the son of Dracula and a vampire. In Castlevania II he appears as the likeness of Universal Monsters. In this monster-game series Alucard is a hero and a main character.
  • Hasbro launchs in the 90s and begins of 2000 decades a 12 inch figure from Lon Chaney Jr's Alucard.
  • Lon Chaney Jr played all the "big four" monsters in Universal, as Frankenstein's monster in "Ghost Of Frankenstein, a vampire "Alucard" (Son of Dracula), The Wolf-Man ( 1941 to 1948), and The Mummy series from "The Mummy's tomb", "The Mummy's curse" and "The Mummy's ghost".