Bram Stoker's Dracula
DraculaSNES boxart
North American SNES boxart
Developer(s) Traveller's Tales
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Sony Imagesoft
Platform(s) NES, Super NES/Super Famicom, Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega CD, Amiga, MS-DOS
Release date(s) September 1993
1995 (PC/MS-DOS)
Genre(s) Action (SNES/SFC, GEN/MD)
2D Platformer (NES/FC, SMS, GB, GG)
Action Adventure (SCD)
First Person Shooter (MS-DOS)
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: K-A (MS-DOS)
VRC: MA-13 (Sega CD)
Media/distribution Cartridge, floppy disk, CD-ROM

Bram Stoker's Dracula is a video game released for the NES/FC, SNES/SFC, Game Boy, Sega Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, MS-DOS and Amiga games consoles. Based on the 1992 movie of the same name, each version of the game was essentially identical (except for the Sega CD and MS-DOS versions). A CD-ROM version for the MS-DOS PC was released in 1995.[1]


In the game the player takes on the role of Jonathan Harker. Throughout the levels, Abraham Van Helsing will help Jonathan in his quest by providing advanced weapons. With the exception of the MS-DOS version, the game is of the side-scrolling genre. In the game, Jonathan Harker fights Lucy Westenra as a vampiress, Count Dracula's three brides, Dracula's coach driver, Dracula's fire-breathing dragon, Renfield and even Dracula himself and also in some different forms, such as him in his bat form, his young form and his evil wolf form. Levels in the game include the Romanian countryside, a rat-infested old village inn, Dracula's castle, Dracula's cavernous vaults, Dracula's misty catacombs, various locations in London, Lucy's crypt, a graveyard and Carfax Abbey.

Version differences Edit

  • The release for Sega-CD made use of digitized backgrounds and included FMV cutscenes from the film.
  • The release for DOS was played from a first-person perspective.
  • The release for the SNES and Sega Genesis/Megadrive releases were platforming action games that are identical to each other, but have a few alterations depending on the version.


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