dracula by bram stoker

                                        frankestein by mary shelly

                                        creature fbl: times black lagoon by paul de fllippo

                                      wolfman: huters moon by michael jan friedman

                                         the mummy: dark resurrection by michael paine

                                        the devils brood by david jacobs

                                        the devils night by david jacobs

                                          shadow of frankenstein by stefan petrucha

                                            dracula : asylum by paul witcover

                                           bride of frankenstein by elizabeth hand

                                            dracula: return of evil by larry mike garmon

                                               the wolfman: blood moon rising by larry mike garmon

                                           frankenstein: anatomy of terror by larry mike garmon

                                        the mummy: book of the dead by larry mike garmon

                              creature from the black lagoon: black water horror by larry mike garmon

                               bride of frankenstein: vow of vengance by larry mike garmon

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